The Wee Two’s Birth Story: My 2nd Beautiful Miracle

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If you are just tuning in, part one of The Wee Two’s birth story can be found HERE. Where we last left off I was a whopping 8 cm dilated and feeling good about my progress.  My OB decided it was time to rupture my waters.  It seems my babies like to take their sweet time descending and breaking my waters usually speeds up the process. Remember at the end of my last post when I said I was at an 8 but not for long?  Unfortunately, after my OB broke my waters, I went backwards to 6 cm dilated. Read more […]

Remember Me? Frazzled Mom of Two?

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Hiiiiiii friends! I finally found time for a quick check-in so I could update you all on how we’re doing as a family of four (five with McKenna!). Umm, life is tough!  The first two weeks after The Wee Two was born were a total blur of doctor visits, nursing, attempting to sleep (The Scottish and I took turns on the couch at first), and moments of “What have we gotten ourselves into?”  The third and fourth weeks got even worse at least for me.  After The Scottish went back to work and Read more […]

A Bump and Baby Watch 2016

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Well, it’s official!  We’re going to have a March baby!!  The Scottish and I are very happy about this.  We love March, it’s the month of his birthday, our wedding anniversary, and the first day of spring, what’s not to love? I’m officially 39 weeks 2 days as this post goes live which is the exact day I delivered The Wee One (contractions began at 39 weeks).  For some dumb reason, we all assumed that I’d be having baby number 2 by this time as well.  Maybe it was all those early contractions Read more […]

A Bump and Buying a Minivan

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Sure, this week’s B word has little to do with my pregnancy… or does it?  We’re obviously buying a minivan because we need more space for our two kids (plus car seats), a dog, and all of the crap we take with us when we travel.  It was never all going to fit in our old vehicle, a Kia Sportage.  After lots of research and one loooong Saturday we ended up choosing a slightly used Dodge Caravan. Car buying while pregnant is a bizarre experience.  There may have been tears as we drove away Read more […]

Late Pregnancy in Summer or Winter, Which is worse??

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Ah good question, Stephanie. Why thank you, Stephanie. This is a tough question.  In general, the end of pregnancy is not very pleasant so it’s hard to pinpoint which season is worse for experiencing it.  But having gone through both, I will do my best to reach a conclusion. First off, I live in a land of extreme climate change.  We love our seasons here in Minnesota but the summers are incredibly hot and humid and the winters are freezing cold, very snowy, and seem to drag on forever. Read more […]

A Bump and Braxton Hicks

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Hi, bump time again! But first a story side note.  Recently, I went to the Mall of America by myself.  It was surreal to go somewhere at NIGHT when it’s DARK out and WITHOUT my husband or kid.  It felt bizarre walking around the mall with teenage girls and couples everywhere, a real contrast from the daytime crowd of older people, moms, and children. As I walked to my destination, I started having contractions.  Sure they were Braxton Hicks type of contractions and nothing to really worry Read more […]

A Bump and Birthing Fears

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Yes, my friends, another bump post so soon because we are nearing the end.  It’s best I stay on top of these.  In fact, I’m almost caught up (this post ends at 33 weeks and I’m currently 35, AHHH). Soooo, this is about the time when my anxiety kicked in. You know, when all those night-time fears first reared their ugly heads.  It’s when I started to realize that life is going to change very soon. Well, duh.  But it hits you like a ton of bricks near the end and you become very fixated Read more […]

Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend

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My apologies for going MIA at the end of last week, that might continue to happen every so often in the next few weeks as I near my due date.  Sure, I’m feeling overwhelmed and tired but that I can normally push through.  However, much like my last pregnancy, in approaching month 8 I have become anxiety-ridden.  I’m a worrier by nature but being extra hormonal, swollen, and emotional, it’s gotten worse recently. I am no stranger to anxiety over things like money, life changes, and travel, Read more […]

A Bump and a Bouncing Belly

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My 28 week appointment was not just a normal appointment. Due to my low-lying placenta I was scheduled for a follow-up ultrasound.  Exactly like my first pregnancy, I found out my placenta had moved since the anatomy scan and I was cleared to give birth!  It was nice to see baby boy again and this time we brought The Wee One so he could experience a sonogram too.  He was great for the ultrasound part but umm, a handful for the rest.  Overall he did well considering how long we were there! The Read more […]

3 Wedding Bands in 3 Years

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holiday party holiday party

OK.  I’ll admit it!  I have commitment issues… with wedding bands. For some reason I can’t seem to commit to one style or one right!  But that’s not the only reason I’m on my THIRD wedding band with our third year anniversary around the corner.  It’s because the rings I’ve picked have had major issues of their own. While we were engaged I was so unsure of which way to go with a wedding band.  The Scottish did such a great job picking out a princess cut center stone set in a band with smaller Read more […]