A Day in the Life: Stay-At-Home Mom of One

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IMG_20150901_154406 IMG_20150901_154406

I LOVE reading “day in the life” posts from other bloggers and I keep meaning to write my own. Well, this week I finally got around to it.  This particular day we did not have a play date but on average we usually see our friends about three days a week. (My apologies for the lack of photos, I kept forgetting to take them!) 5:37 AM: The Wee One wakes up crying, loudly. The Scottish and I both wake up slowly, groaning when we see the time.  This is one of those crazy early days I guess! Read more […]

Cradling the Future in My Arms

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The Wee One caught a small cold last week. His nose has been pretty runny and he has a cough too.  Always the trooper, he’s been in mostly good spirits and sleeping pretty well for being sick. This past weekend he went down for his second nap as usual around 2 PM.  He woke up crying and upset at 3 PM so I went in and scooped him up.  I took him into my bedroom and we laid down together, his head on my shoulder, seemingly still tired but I could hear McKenna pawing at the patio door to come Read more […]

My Emotional Mini-Me

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annoyed face annoyed face

The thing about being a parent is you suddenly have this person-sized mirror in which to see yourself through and often times you see traits in them that remind you of yourself, both the good and not-so-good ones. The Wee One is a passionate guy.  That is what I always say anyway.  Sure, he is a normal toddler (that feels weird to write, my baby is a toddler!) whose lack of verbal skills and coping mechanisms make it hard for him to control his feelings. It’s completely normal for him to Read more […]

Small Change, Big Difference

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ear plugs ear plugs

Hi everybody!  Oh, I have missed you guys and this space.  We’ve been going non-stop recently because this past weekend we were in Chicago and this past week my nanny kiddos stayed with us.  But my crazy summer of travel, guests, and 3 (yes THREE) weddings in a row has passed and I’m looking forward to a slightly slower pace for the next few weeks. This also means more time for blogging!  I have so many topics I want to share, I just need the time to sit down and write. So what is my Read more […]

My Little Brother is Married!

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first look first look

The Glue married his love, The Tape, this past Friday in a beautiful ceremony at Centennial Lakes Park here in the Twin Cities.  The happy couple is off on their honeymoon, a two-week road trip to Portland and all the stress of wedding planning is over.  Yay!  Isn’t the last week always the craziest? I was in charge of their timeline as well as day of coordination, The Scottish was an usher, and The Sister and The BIL did all the music and technology pieces for the ceremony and reception.  The Read more […]

(Not Very Much) Sleeping Outside: Adventures in Camping

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DSC08333 DSC08333

So I promised I’d update on how camping went down this year… and here it is. I’ve come to the conclusion that sleeping outside for fun is just plain stupid!  There is no toilet nearby, no kitchen, no night lights, nor a way to control the temperature.  There is an excessive amount of NOISE from other campers and wildlife and that wildlife includes bugs, bears, and raccoons.  It’s always damp when you wake up even if it hasn’t rained and if it storms, oh if it storms, you convince yourself Read more […]

Destroy-It-Yourself: Tassel Garland

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DSC08260 DSC08260

GUYS, I MADE SOMETHING.  I could have bought it off Etsy but for 36 dollars (including shipping) but I decided I could make it for cheaper. Well, it was cheaper.  It’s also uglier.  But hey, I DON’T CARE because I made it myself for my son’s birthday photo shoot and party and it’s going to go beautifully with his birthday onesie.  I had some help with the craft along the way but overall it was my vision and execution.  It is certainly not Pinterest-worthy but I’m damn proud of it. The Read more […]

Long Days and Dead Squirrels

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cantaloupe cantaloupe

Hi guys! I realize I didn’t have a post on Monday, but it was intentional.  I was exhausted after four days of taking care of The Wee One, the dog, and the house by myself.  I didn’t feel much like writing to be honest, but there’s another reason I wasn’t super pumped about posting.  It seems the blogosphere gets extremely quiet over the summer.  Every year my daily views take a hit yet once June comes and every year I am shocked by it.  Well, this year I’m taking it as a sign to blog less Read more […]

Baby Behind Bars

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DSC07926 DSC07926

As I’ve mentioned previously, The Wee One’s newest skill is crawling. This is incredibly exciting and in the past few days he’s even started walking (slowly) with a walker.  But this new-found mobility has left me running around the house like a crazy person behind him, trying to prevent injury while still giving him space to explore. Our great room (aka the living room) is quite large and has a lot of what we call, “danger zones.”  Additionally the three stairs into the great room from the Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: First Mother’s Day Recap

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IMG_20150509_182101 IMG_20150509_182101

Since I have been posting on very specific topics lately and since I was gone for a while, I thought it would be nice to just chat with you guys for a minute. How are you?  I’m doing well although I’m currently on day one of the first of two consecutive solo-parenting weekends.  The Scottish is at my brother’s bachelor party this weekend and he’s the Best Man in our Best Man’s wedding in Scotland next weekend (does that make sense?).  The Wee One and I have big plans to keep busy and hang Read more […]