A Day in the Life: Stay-At-Home Mom of One

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IMG_20150901_154406 IMG_20150901_154406

I LOVE reading “day in the life” posts from other bloggers and I keep meaning to write my own. Well, this week I finally got around to it.  This particular day we did not have a play date but on average we usually see our friends about three days a week. (My apologies for the lack of photos, I kept forgetting to take them!) 5:37 AM: The Wee One wakes up crying, loudly. The Scottish and I both wake up slowly, groaning when we see the time.  This is one of those crazy early days I guess! Read more […]

Our First Outdoor Weekend of the Year

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DSC05322 DSC05322

Oh my gosh, it was SO NICE out this past weekend.  Nice enough that we spent two afternoons in a row in our backyard.  Man, I love our backyard.  Maybe that’s because I don’t handle the maintenance of it like The Scottish does, hehe, love you hunny! 🙂 It felt like such a luxury to be able to sit outside but in a private-ish setting.  It felt even more amazing to be outside without being all bundled up.  The Wee One still needed a few layers but it was a much needed change from all the clunky Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: Holiday Card Outtakes

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DSC03476 DSC03476

This is my second year ordering our holiday card from Simply To Impress.  I use Shutterfly for EVERYTHING else (calendars, books, prints, and ornaments) but I wanted to try something new for our holiday card.  Simply To Impress had better prices when I first started looking last year and now I plan on using them every holiday season to enjoy those returning customer perks. *Simply To Impress is not compensating me to say nice things about them although I would not be mad if they wanted to start Read more […]

McKenna’s Instincts

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DSC02535 DSC02535

It hurts to say this but… my dog is a killer.  She only kills small rodent-sized animals and she’s still the sweetest doggie ever to all humans, but she’s a hound mix and she has instincts.  It’s in her nature, she literally can’t help herself! I really love Kenna’s beautiful brindle coloring and even though you can see it in photos, what doesn’t come through is her personality.  She looks dark and dangerous but her expressive ears and eyes convey so much love.  She’s one of the sweetest Read more […]

Newborn Photo Shoot!

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Euan-84 Euan-84

It will come as no surprise to anyone that we hired a professional to take newborn photos of our beautiful little boy and our new baby family a mere three days after he was born. We hired Annie Wiegers Photography on a recommendation and our photo session was absolutely amazing.  The way it works is you reserve the photographer ahead of time and give them your EDD (estimated due date) but you don’t schedule a day for photos until after baby is born.  The key to newborn shots is have them done Read more […]

This One Year

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DSC00916 DSC00916

It’s July.  Sometimes I can’t believe it’s already July and sometimes I can’t believe it’s only July.  We have done so much in such a calculated manner (moving will do that to you) that it feels like one year flew and crawled by at the same time. Since so much has happened since July 2013 I knew I wanted to record it for posterity’s sake. The Mother has heard that you should only do one major life change or event per year.  Sounds ideal but umm, I think we failed that a million times over. Read more […]

Pregnant and Camping: You Would Cry Too if it Happen To You

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DSC01950 DSC01950

HELLO FRIENDS, GUESS WHAT? I SURVIVED CAMPING, IT WASN’T SO BAD, AND LIFE IS GOOD, NO WAIT, LIFE IS GREAT! OK, I’m done yelling and my apologies because my title is misleading as I didn’t cry much on the trip, but it made me laugh so it stays! I am downright jovial about the fact that I’m done traveling (and moving) and that we’re at the point where we can just wait for baby boy to make his arrival.  I am lucky because camping went so well and was overall uneventful, which is definitely Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: Logistics and McKenna Pics

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DSC01655 DSC01655

Yay, it’s Friday!  And I need to talk business (LAME).  First off, McKenna pics because my little girl is so adorable. Yep, we still hate the camera. But we LOVE relaxing in the new backyard.  We also love playing catch with a ball, chasing bunnies, harassing squirrels, and eating grass. Keep your eye on the ball at all times, don’t let Daddy get it! Such a sweet face!! When it comes to the inside of the house, McKenna’s been having a bit of trouble sleeping through Read more […]

All Roads Lead to Blood

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Once upon a time there was a blonde pregnant woman with the coarsest, darkest leg hair in the land.  She woke up on the morning of her baby shower excited to face the day and proceeded to shave her legs while in the shower because she would be wearing one of her finest dresses whatever fit.  This shower was a stand alone and lacked a ledge or step to aid in said shaving. Woozy and hot from being constantly bent over under the water, she smacked the second toe on her right foot while exiting the Read more […]

Needy Freaks

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DSC01102 DSC01102

I was thinking the other day how much I really enjoy spending time with my husband.  I realize you’re all probably thinking, DUH STEPHANIE, of course you like spending time with him, you married him, tell us something we don’t know! Right so it makes sense, but it’s kind of baffling to me sometimes.  It could be a visit to State Farm to discuss home insurance, going to the grocery store, taking McKenna for a walk, or watching TV but I don’t get sick of him!  Sure we’re young and have only been Read more […]