Weaning Off a Feed

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DSC05854 DSC05854

This post is likely to be very boring to about 90% of my readers, but weaning (while a very personal thing). is something I wish more bloggers wrote about online.  Just like birth stories, I love reading personal experiences and I believe this is worth sharing with my fellow nursing mamas or those who plan on nursing at some point in the future. The Wee One and I have always nursed on demand but sometime between 3 and 4 months a daily schedule formed.  Once we passed the 4 month sleep Read more […]

The Name Game

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It’s obvious that my first name is on the long side as far as first names go.  Stephanie was always one of the longest names in my classes growing up.  It never fit on those Scantron tests that spelled out both your first and last names, but instead read as Stephan.  Regardless of its length, I would meticulously write my name out on each and every piece of homework I was given, never shortening it.  I only introduce myself as Stephanie and can’t imagine calling myself Steph. I love my name, Read more […]

My Little Airplane

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image via Pinterest image via Pinterest

My sweet boy is turning one in a matter of months now and what kind of organized type A mom would I be if I didn’t start planning his July birthday party now?!?!?  🙂 After lots of mulling it over, I came to the conclusion that his party shall be “airplane” themed.  Both The Mother and I had thought it would be best to pick a theme based on his likes but it’s tough to figure out what your 8 and a half month old is into.  He doesn’t know any TV characters, he isn’t partial to a certain toy, Read more […]

Easter Adorableness

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DSC05819 DSC05819

This year I went to both a Good Friday service and a Sunday morning Easter service at my parent’s church.  I’ve mentioned before how we’re in the process of finding a new church but recently we’ve switched gears and have been attending the one I used to go to during high school.  It’s insanely close to our house, the interim Pastor is a really sweet older guy, and my parents are members of the congregation.  All good perks!  I’d still call myself a church commitment-phobe but after Read more […]

The Wee One Meets Chicago

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DSC05605 DSC05605

Well, we’re back from our trip to Chi-town and overall it was pretty amazing!  The last time we were there was in May 2014 when my Nanny Mom hosted a baby shower for us.  It was soooo good to see Littlest C and Big C (as usual) and they loved playing with The Wee One.  He’s at such a fun age! The Wee One met 17 new people (yes I counted) and a total of five different groups of friends!  Craziness.  We are lucky to have made such great connections in our time living in Chicago.  Unfortunately, Read more […]

And Here Comes Number 7

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DSC05377 DSC05377

The Wee One is currently cutting his 7th tooth (yes! 7th!) on the bottom left side.  It’s coming in slowly just like its previous buddies but it seems like bottom teeth don’t hurt as much as top teeth being that he hasn’t been super fussy lately. This photo is a few weeks old from before number 7 started to peek its way through.  It’s a good close-up shot of all his pearly whites. Please excuse the awkward angle. So I’ve known we should start brushing The Wee One’s teeth for a while Read more […]

The Wee One: Eight Months

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DSC05523 DSC05523

WELP, my kid is now 8 months old and that’s terrible because 8 months is SO MUCH older than 6 or 7 months.  The Mother agrees with me.  8 months is old.  My baby is getting so big, like seriously, he’s heavy!  His personality is also blooming, he’s determined, he’s curious, he’s bubbly, and he’s a charmer.  We can’t go anywhere without him smiling at strangers and making them pause to say hello.  His friendliness forces me out of my comfort zone many times to have conversations with people Read more […]

Not This Again

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ARGH!!!!!!!  We have thrush again.  If you have no idea why I’m so upset by this then perhaps you are new here (so welcome!) or maybe you just missed those posts where I shared our journey with thrush that started when The Wee One was a newborn. (Catch up by reading THIS about the beginning, THIS for the most recent update or THIS for something humorous.) Yes, I’m in pain again.  Nursing hurts but it’s not like before, it’s more of a manageable nuisance that makes me wince and tense up Read more […]

“Why is my baby crying?”

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march 3rd march 3rd

I ask myself this question a lot lately, although it’s usually in a comical fashion, while shaking my head in dismay.  🙂 Is he really crying because I left the room??  Is he crying because I took his toy away to clean apple purée off it??  Is he crying because he doesn’t want a diaper change… again!?!?  ARGH.  Is this kid for real right now? We’ve entered a new zone.  The Wee One has become clingy and whiny and not just with me!  It happens with The Scottish as well, and when Grandpa Read more […]

Baby Tips That Work For Us

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story time in morning story time in morning

I firmly believe every baby is different and what works for some will not work for others.  But it’s always fun to hear what IS working for someone.  Here’s a few specific things that make our lives a little easier with our baby under one. Story time in the mornings.  I’ve discovered the best time of day for reading with The Wee One is right after he wakes up.  After I nurse him in our bed The Scottish heads to the shower and I grab a few board books for the little guy to eat read.  It’s Read more […]