The Wee One: Seven Months

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DSC05198 DSC05198

This month The Wee One became a mini toddler in my opinion.  He’s starting to show anger and frustration when he doesn’t get his way and he’s also whining and crying for attention, as opposed to when he was younger and he cried to get his needs (food, comfort, sleep, diaper change) met.  It’s weird but cute at the same time. He also likes to wave his arms up and down and back and forth when he’s excited or trying to make a point it seems.  We love to watch his little arms go!  His strength Read more […]

The Tortoise Approach to Starting Solids

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DSC05084 DSC05084

The Wee One has been eating pureed baby food on and off for about a month and a half now.  We started purees after he turned 5 months and waited until he was six months before trying real chunks of food (of which we’ve had zero success so far) also known as Baby Led Weaning.  The two prerequisites for Baby Led Weaning are that the child be six months old and able to sit up unassisted.  Check and check! I debated for a while about which route we should take when it came to starting The Wee One Read more […]

The Cuz Man is here!

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DSC05000 DSC05000

My adorable nephew was born on Tuesday morning at 7:26 AM after a nice long labor because apparently that’s how us sisters roll.  🙂  I got to watch his birth and it was amazing!  And scary and beautiful and intense and traumatizing.  The Scottish is happy because watching The Sister give birth has squelched my dreamy thoughts of having a second kiddo in the near future, haha. He’s only minutes old in this photo! I have more to share but I’m still recovering from pulling an all-nighter Read more […]

The Wee One: Six Months

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DSC04853 DSC04853

Yesterday was The Wee One’s half birthday and what a day it was!  It started with him waking up earlier than normal, followed by his six month doctor visit complete with five shots. Isn’t this the saddest picture ever?!?  The Wee One cried during his shots but was a trooper the rest of the day. After a quick 10 minute nap on the ride home from his appointment, I nursed him and we got back in the car to visit Grandma MN at her elementary school.  I left with extra time so I could drive Read more […]

Child of God

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I mentioned previously in my holiday recap post that The Wee One was baptized in early January at my parent’s community church.  I wanted to share a bit more about the experience and how we made it our own. First off, I don’t really ascribe to the belief of Godparents.  The Mother and The Father had all three of us baptized when we were babies but instead of naming Godparents, they “gave us” to their church at the time, so I grew up without the traditional Godparent relationship.  While Read more […]

The Wee One: Five Months

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DSC04061 DSC04061

Today The Wee One turns five months old!  Let’s stop for a minute and ponder the fact that Christmas is literally around the corner.  Where has the holiday season gone?!?  I love this time of year, my days are spent eating baking cookies, planning family and friend events, and shopping or making gifts.  Not too shabby!  But back to The Wee One… Biggest Struggles This Month: it’s a tie between teething and getting back to sleep in the middle of the night (baby) middle of the night Read more […]

Santa Baby 1.0

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MOA Santa MOA Santa

This year our Christmas will be extra special because it will be The Wee One’s FIRST Christmas!  🙂  This also means it is the start of many new traditions, like visiting Santa! The Mother said she took us for a few years when my siblings and I were really young but didn’t continue the tradition long enough for us to solidly remember it.  That said, I do have wonderful memories of seeing Santa every year because we had a Santa Claus visit us at my Grandma and Grandpa’s home in North Dakota. Read more […]

Little Person, Big Personality

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In one of our recent Beyond Newborn classes, we discussed our babies’ temperaments and personality traits.  I found it intriguing to look at each different category and decide which parent The Wee One acted most like.  I’ve come to the conclusion that The Wee One is an awesome mix of The Scottish and I which is really neat.  We will see how his personality develops as he gets older, but for now, I thought I’d share where he is in these major categories.  (Our analysis of The Wee One is in Read more […]

Closure on my Breastfeeding Journey

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BF selfie BF selfie

I spent the first three months of my son’s life in pain every time I fed him. It’s something I still struggle to believe really happened because it seems so far away now and so awfully present at the same time. It’s only been since the 4 month mark that I’ve had days and feedings where I wasn’t in pain or discomfort. I should start by saying, we’re currently finishing up another round of thrush medications. The Wee One is on liquid Diflucan (Fluconazole) and I’m on an oral Diflucan (Fluconazole) Read more […]

It’s Nap Time

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DSC02683 DSC02683

This post idea was requested by a reader; thank you for the suggestion!  I know it’s probably not of much interest to those of you without little babies in the house but I’m always up for suggestions if anyone else has other motherhood or relationship topics they’d be interested in reading about. Ahhh naps, a most coveted thing by many adults and a huge pain in the ass when it comes to children.  Luckily, babies nap A LOT or we like to hope, anyway. I can only talk to my experience based Read more […]