The Wee One: Four Months

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DSC03549 DSC03549

Wow.  This has been a FUN month you guys.  Does it sound obnoxious if I say life with The Wee One just keeps getting better and better? He’s been showing off more of his silly and sweet personality this month, and just recently he’s started rocking and rolling around on his own.  We still haven’t had the OFFICIAL tummy to back roll-over that everyone waits for, but we have found him on his tummy once in his crib and just recently, he has decided that side sleeping is his thing. I love seeing what Read more […]

Joining the Baby Sleep Conversation

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DSC03399 DSC03399

Baby Sleep.  (Not to be confused with baby napping because that’s a total different entity.)  It’s one of those topics that gets discussed to death on forums and boards and blogs and often in humorous ways.  There is no magic when it comes to baby sleep, there are good sleepers and not so good sleepers.  Yes, there are tools like routines, methods, and training but I firmly believe every baby is different.  And what a lovely thing that is! I am finally ready to talk about The Wee One’s Read more […]

One Year Ago Yesterday…

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pregnancy timeline two pregnancy timeline two

I woke up at 6 AM, took a test, and saw this: CUE THE FREAKING OUT (and the jumping on The Scottish who was still in bed).  I will never forget that feeling of knowing I was going to be a mother.  It was life-changing in the best possible way. Here are three major milestones in my pregnancy with The Wee One. Bump photos at 4 weeks, 20 weeks, and the day I went into labor, at 39 weeks. WOWZA.  Holy first pregnancy weight gain Batman!  🙂 Now let’s see if The Scottish has changed Read more […]

Flying With a Baby: Three Months

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IMG_2906 IMG_2906

Now that I’m an expert a survivor of traveling with a baby, I thought I’d pass on my insight to the blogosphere for when others find themselves in a similar situation. Wear your maternity jeans.  Yes, sometimes I still wear mat jeans and I’m proud of it.  Comfort is key while traveling and you don’t want  pants that will cut into your gut every time you bend down to pick up a burp cloth or a pacifier.  I figure this is acceptable if you are three months postpartum.  Or forever.  Your Read more […]

Shark Attack

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DSC03335 DSC03335

Isn’t he the cutest?!?  Surprisingly, The Wee One did NOT hate being dressed up in costume.  He did really well despite always having shark teeth covering his face and we didn’t make him stay in it for too long. The Sister had a Halloween costume for her dog and guess what?  He was a shark as well! Her dog refuses to move when he’s wearing something near his head/neck.  It’s hilarious. How was everyone’s weekend?  On Wednesday I’m planning on sharing more Scotland Read more […]

The Wee One: Three Months

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DSC03264 DSC03264

I had to interrupt these travel recaps because… The Wee One turned 3 months last week! Unlike last time, I feel like he has changed SO much this past month.  My sleepy newborn baby is now this engaging and delightful tiny person!  Smiling and giggling are normal parts of our day and he’s grabbing at his toys and holding them for short periods of time!  He’s also getting better at self soothing and sucks on his hand frequently to keep himself occupied.  We are still working on rolling over Read more […]

No Regrets

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IMG_2765 IMG_2765

It’s extremely hard to leave the country when you are a person with anxiety issues.  You worry about your child getting sick, your pain while nursing, money, time, and your inevitable lack of sleep.  You finally give up on the worrying a few weeks out because you know it is pointless and you are as ready as you’ll ever be.  This trip has been on your mind for over a year, confirmed and purchased for months and physically packed up since two days before departure.  It’s not going to be easy flying Read more […]

Lesson Learned

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camping collage camping collage

After an amazing and long day outside at a campsite with his family this past Saturday (no we did not stay overnight), The Wee One was a bit cranky on Sunday.  Understandably so. I had planned to spend most of yesterday writing but my time is not just my own anymore and my son needed extra mommy hugs.  How could I say no to that? This kid has helped me so much with my priorities. Oh, I still worry and obsess over silly things but I now come to the realization quicker that most Read more […]

Exciting Interview #5 Coming Next Week!

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Wow.  Yes.  I’m finally getting around to another relationship interview.  Because well, Drama Happens.  Life gets in the way.  Babies are born.  Time marches on.  Cliché phrases are written.  But the series is back and that’s what matters! Next week’s interview is about navigating a long-distance marriage.  Most of us have been in a long-distance relationship at some point in our lives (raises hand) but it’s rare for couples to live in separate states and homes after they are married. Read more […]

The Wee One: Two Months

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DSC03078 DSC03078

My baby is getting so big!!  Today The Wee One turns two months and that means he’s at the pediatrician’s office getting his vaccinations. 🙁  Obviously this post was written in advance so I don’t know how he fared after the shots, but I’m hoping he’s not too miserable today! Edited to add: He did well with his shots, cried during but fell asleep afterwards!  Also, he’s 12 lbs 4 ounces, and his growth is right on target! There’s not a lot of new stuff happening this month, but he’s still Read more […]