Way To Go Weekend: Logistics and McKenna Pics

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DSC01655 DSC01655

Yay, it’s Friday!  And I need to talk business (LAME).  First off, McKenna pics because my little girl is so adorable. Yep, we still hate the camera. But we LOVE relaxing in the new backyard.  We also love playing catch with a ball, chasing bunnies, harassing squirrels, and eating grass. Keep your eye on the ball at all times, don’t let Daddy get it! Such a sweet face!! When it comes to the inside of the house, McKenna’s been having a bit of trouble sleeping through Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: Home Owners!

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DSC01048 DSC01048

We closed on our house yesterday, AHHHHH!  It’s our house!  We have a house!  Baby boy has a bedroom and a crib that’s still in its box, but who cares?  We have a home of our own!  It’s so exciting!!!  AHHHHH!! OK, I’m done screaming my happiness at you guys.  Thanks for listening.  If you’ve ever bought a home you know the journey is often filled with many bumps, but luckily our road to home ownership was relatively smooth all things considered. What’s that?  You want to see more Read more […]

This Baby Has to Come Out Somehow

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Full disclosure, I’ve been both avoiding writing this post and sharing it.  Maybe it’s because I find the topic incredibly personal or over-indulgent.  Maybe it’s because I don’t feel I can offer anything new on the subject.  Maybe it’s because I think no one will care.  Regardless, one of the reasons I write this blog is to have memories to look back on that would otherwise be forgotten.  So here it is. Natural Birth.  Non-medicated Birth or whatever you want to call it.  This is how I Read more […]

Back Attack

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Happy Monday Readers!  Here is the LONG story of my back issues from 2011.  Thank goodness I wrote it all down when it was fresh in my mind because there are definitely parts I did not remember until now. Crazy. It will take some time to read so dive in when you have a few extra minutes.  I wish I could say I re-posted it word for word but OH MY GOSH the typos.  I had to revise a few things but please excuse the switching of tenses and run-on sentences because I couldn’t very well re-write Read more […]

A Closer Look: Married to a Man, Almost Married to a Woman

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Today’s interview is with fellow Bee blogger and friend of mine Kari, aka Miss Tiara on Weddingbee.  She is one of those people you could talk to for hours about anything because she’s just so likable and smart.  It’s clear to me Kari’s past relationships do NOT define her, so why am I asking her to talk about them?  Well, besides the fact that I believe gay marriage should be treated as any other marriage instead of being glorified or condemned, I also feel we need to hear more from people Read more […]


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22w edited 22w edited

Hi everyone! I think I’m having waaay too much fun concocting weird phrases to name my bump blog posts.  Mu-ha-ha!!  Regardless, it’s time for a pregnancy update, whoo-hoo! Newest weird symptom alert: Sore feet. Like SUPER sore feet.  Like, “I just started walking, why are my feet already hurting?” type of pain. At first I thought it was my shoes so I stuck to my good tennis shoes consistently for days but even wearing them exclusively hasn’t helped matters. Just this past weekend I was Read more […]

Exciting Interview #4 Coming Next Week!

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Oh what’s that?  You totally forgot about this feature because it’s been so long since the last interview??  Oops.  Sorry about that!  Blogging about house and baby has been time-consuming but also a lot of fun!  That said, I love exploring relationships, so I’m really pumped to be bringing this feature back to life!! Next week we’re going to hear from Kari about her marriage to a man and her almost marriage to a woman.  I’m excited to share her unique and honest perspective on relationships Read more […]

I Hate Not Being Perfect

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Cause you know, no one is perfect.  But I really, really wish I was.  If I was perfect I would have been able to manage my time well enough to get a blog post up for yesterday.  Instead, I have a weekend treat for you guys about my need for perfection and struggle with anxiety.  Fun, right? 🙂 This might sound a bit crazy, mostly because I am, but many times my writing is therapeutic and frankly, this post is so honest it should write itself.  You see, my need for perfection is about more Read more […]

B.M. (Before Marriage) Answers Revealed

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Winter 2009 to 2010 017 Winter 2009 to 2010 017

Happy Monday everybody!  I’m here with a blogging challenge I discovered last week.  I’ve felt a little stuck in my own blogging world lately and wanted to connect with other bloggers, so hopefully you will enjoy finding out some info about The Scottish and I from before we were married. The challenge is actually a seven-day event but I’m choosing to do it all in one shot because daily blogging just doesn’t work for me.  This challenge was created by Kayla from Chasing a Daredevil and Twins. Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: Dramatic Updates You Will Care About

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DSC00864 DSC00864

It’s Friday people!  It’s actually above freezing outside, and even though we didn’t get a house we put an offer on (boo!), good things are happening!  It’s been quite a week for my little family… For starters, The Scottish turned 30!  And we had a wonderful time celebrating. The finishing touches are being made to the first release of the new Drama Happens website  (my baby who predates McKenna and The Wee One), and we’re thinking the changes will be ready to share by next week! It’s Read more […]