High School Thong?

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dhLogo dhLogo

First off, THANK YOU for all the well wishes and page views following my baby announcement.  It appears there is interest in baby related drama, so while it won’t be all pregnancy posts all the time, it’s good to know I can share what I’ve been saving up my sleeve.  Thanks for the love readers! So I know I’m not the first blogger to share hilarious and awkward phrases that people use to stumble upon blogs, but it’s just too funny to ignore them.  I figure I could do a post like this once a Read more […]

It’s Mantra Time

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Mantra-2014 Mantra-2014

Hi Everybody!  Happy New Year!!!  (Did you miss me?)  I missed you guys! And good ol’ Drama Happens. As a blog writer in particular, I find that ideas come to me at random times, usually while trying to fall asleep at night or in the middle of grocery shopping.  Sometimes I’ll feel completely lost and unsure of my next topic for days at a time, or totally drained of new ideas for blog posts, but then, like magic, something hits me and I find inspiration. Even though DH is only half a year Read more […]

Oh wait, I lied!

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One last post! Well, it’s not really a post, just a link to another post. I was a part of a fun, nostalgic, holiday post with Emily from The Waiting and Kelly from Are You Finished Yet? that you should check out when you have a free minute because old photos are fun to laugh look at. CLICK HERE. And also Merry Christmas!!! Read more […]

Until It Rhymes With Thorteen…

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Our sweet 3 ft tree. Our sweet 3 ft tree.

This is my last post of 2013, wahhh, waaahhh!!  (That’s me crying because taking a break from all of you means I’m sad enough to sit hovering over my keyboard in a puddle. Or something like that.) As an artistic freak person, I like to keep things fresh and challenging, which means sometimes I need a break to recharge my batteries.  Also, how do you expect me to talk about the relationships in my life if I’m not out living them!?!?  Just kidding. So the title of this post?  It means we Read more […]

We Bought a Camera Just Because

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DSC00022 DSC00022

We bought a new camera!  And it’s pretty spectacular.  It’s this one, specifically.   It has a really long name, Sony NEX- 5RK… but it’s a DSLR and it’s pretty bad-ass.  The Scottish has always been interested in photography and has wanted a nicer camera for some time now.  We decided to take advantage of credit card points and after Thanksgiving sales to purchase this bad boy and we’re glad we did. What does this mean for you?  Well hopefully better quality photos on the Read more […]

Celebrating My Awesomeness

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In case you missed yesterday’s Debbie Downer post about all my failures, you can catch up here.  Now it’s time for a list of my 2013 successes! 2013 Adult Successes Preparing dinner five nights a week- I know I mentioned here that I was sucking at being a stay at home wife but huzzah, times have changed.  I now have a plan and dinner on the table every night, and granted the meals I make are simple enough for an 8-year-old to master, but still, The Scottish is not complaining.  And we’re Read more […]

Counting My Failures

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I know it’s the season to count your blessings and soon everyone in the blogosphere will be making new year’s resolutions, but before I can make any new goals I need to assess my recent failures.  I don’t know about you but there’s nothing more depressing to me than reading about someone else’s laundry list of successes.  I’m all, “Good for you and blah blah blah.  I suck.” We’ve all had our share of disappointments this year and things that just didn’t happen.  I’m here to say that’s OK. Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend

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IMG_2626 IMG_2626

Hi Friends! For me, blogging is mostly about producing quality, well-thought out, and unique content, which tends to lead to many lengthy and long-winded posts.  However, I also believe another perk of blogging is the ability to post quickly and spontaneously with a simple message. This is a new feature I’m trying out and the message is TGIF essentially.  I’ll share something going on in my life and post a pic or two while wishing you all a happy weekend.  Let’s begin. The Scottish and Read more […]

“Write a Crap Load of Words” November

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In case you can’t tell by my catchy title, I have decided to join NaNoWriMo this year.  For those of you writing noobs, NaNoWriMo is a super serious venture for super serious writers who need a deadline and other tortured artists to simultaneously guilt them into writing an entire novel throughout the thirty days of November. This is their logo, I like it because it reminds me of my Scandinavian heritage.  And my football team.  #GOVIKES The goal is to write 50,000 words by November Read more […]