Destroy-it-Yourself: Staining the Patio

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DSC05046 DSC05046

Waaaay back in May when my in-laws were here The Scottish and my FIL stained our backyard patio.  We completely lucked out that the semi-transparent stain we picked matched the color of our house exactly.  I’d call it a burnt orange and while I don’t particularly like the color of our house very much, I do like when things match! This was a pretty fast project but still took the better part of a day because they had to wait for the wood to dry multiple times.  I won’t pretend anyone needs Read more […]

Destroy-It-Yourself: Tassel Garland

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DSC08260 DSC08260

GUYS, I MADE SOMETHING.  I could have bought it off Etsy but for 36 dollars (including shipping) but I decided I could make it for cheaper. Well, it was cheaper.  It’s also uglier.  But hey, I DON’T CARE because I made it myself for my son’s birthday photo shoot and party and it’s going to go beautifully with his birthday onesie.  I had some help with the craft along the way but overall it was my vision and execution.  It is certainly not Pinterest-worthy but I’m damn proud of it. The Read more […]

Destroy-It-Yourself: Bye Bye Black Sink

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DSC06654 DSC06654

If you own a home you know how projects and renovations usually end up taking longer than expected?  The demise of the black sink was no exception to this rule.  The Scottish, my Dad, and his Dad spent most of a Wednesday working on it.  And when they were done, it was leaking.  Go figure! The leak (surprisingly) went away on its own, but we were left a bigger unfortunate problem.  I’ll get to that later. All in all, this was an inexpensive and COMPLETELY worthwhile project.  The sink Read more […]

Destroy-it-Yourself: Homemade Vegetable Soup

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DSC04958 DSC04958

Guess what?  I have a recipe to share today.  I know what you’re all thinking, “But you hate cooking Stephanie!”  You would be correct!  For the most part I am basic cook who does what she has to feed her family.  Nothing fancy over here folks.  And I certainly don’t spend hours on one meal or take artistic photographs of my food to share on my blog. Well, all that changes today.  And while this may never happen again and my recipe series may die a fast and painless death after this post, Read more […]

Regarding Clocks and Bunting

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OH MY WORD, is that the worst post title ever?  I think it must be.  Still, it stays.  (My creative title pool is low on water these days.)  And that reflection post I was working on?  Still not ready to share. Exciting and rare news, I have two projects to show you guys that were SO easy, really anyone can do them. Well except for me. I didn’t do either of them!  I was the brains the boss behind both projects instead. Remember when I shared my idea for putting up bunting in our nursery Read more […]