Closure on my Breastfeeding Journey

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BF selfie BF selfie

I spent the first three months of my son’s life in pain every time I fed him. It’s something I still struggle to believe really happened because it seems so far away now and so awfully present at the same time. It’s only been since the 4 month mark that I’ve had days and feedings where I wasn’t in pain or discomfort. I should start by saying, we’re currently finishing up another round of thrush medications. The Wee One is on liquid Diflucan (Fluconazole) and I’m on an oral Diflucan (Fluconazole) Read more […]

I had an audition.

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I had an audition.  It may be a simple sentence, but it holds a ton of weight for me. For those of you new to these parts, I have a degree in acting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  After graduation I moved to Chicago to follow my dream.  Seriously, as cliché as it sounds, that’s what I did!  Supporting myself as a nanny, I took a class, joined a theatre company, and performed in many shows until a sudden back injury (and then surgery) forced me to take a break.  A while Read more […]

Two Vodkas and The Clouds

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traveling bites traveling bites

What’s a vacation without a little drama? Our trip was amazing overall but it definitely had its not so fun moments.  Let’s laugh (now that they’re over) at them now! United Airlines couldn’t find The Wee One on our flight itinerary.  Excuse me?  We called the week after he was born and added him to the ticket, paid the tax, and requested a bassinet row.  Luckily, after a long phone call, all was resolved.  But still, not a great way to start off! During our first night in Scotland Read more […]

I Went to a Megachurch and I Didn’t Hate It

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Willow Creek Church Willow Creek Church

In fact, I enjoyed it. A lot. (If you’ll remember, our search for a new church has been a bit rocky.  We can’t seem to find something that fits all of our criteria.) This past weekend I decided to switch gears and take my family somewhere completely out of our comfort zone, a megachurch.  Technically it’s a name for a Protestant church with over 2,000 members.  My naïve opinion of the megachurch has always been that they are incredibly conservative and sometimes evangelical (in a way that Read more […]

Something is Missing

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Guys! This past weekend The Wee One attended his very first church service (and he did really well, sleeping through most of it), which brings me to the main point of this post, The Scottish and I are searching for a new church. Yes, again. I wrote about this before while we were living in Kansas City.  Same topic, new city, so my apologies because I will be repeating myself slightly (intentionally for those newcomers to DH). Life is really good right now for obvious reasons but in some ways Read more […]


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My life is unpredictable right now.  It’s new and it’s busy and I’m still trying to figure out how to manage my time so that I can still blog while caring for an infant, a dog and still keep the house clean and all of us fed.  The past few days have been even busier as I’ve had my nanny family in town.  The Nanny Mom brought us tons of food and cooked delicious meals for us to eat, while Big C and Littlest C doted on The Wee One and McKenna.  It’s been a great visit but it meant I had no time Read more […]

Watching Someone Give Birth

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mom and baby cropped mom and baby cropped

I’m just going to come out and say it, birth is a beautiful experience, FOR THOSE WATCHING IT.  For those experiencing it, it’s awful and painful, and then finally it’s beautiful after the baby is born.  But for those who get to experience birth as a bystander, I believe it is an entirely different experience.  And I say all this having never seen a live birth myself (only video births) but you don’t have to take my word for it!  I know two ladies who have seen a birth (mine) and they say (despite Read more […]

The Wee One’s Birth Story: 7 at 7

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DSC02431 DSC02431

(If you are just tuning in, start here to read part one of The Wee One’s Birth Story.) Where we last left off, I was assuming I would be having baby boy by the end of the afternoon, before my awesome nurse left for the day.  After all I was dilated to 7 cm and nearing transition which is supposedly the quickest part of labor. It was 2 PM. I was avoiding the clock, laying in bed, and dozing between each painful contraction. The problem was my contractions had started to space out further and Read more […]

The Wee One’s Birth Story: Labor Begins

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DSC02404 DSC02404

Happy Monday friends!  I’m back from maternity leave and I’ve decided to break up baby boy’s birth story into three parts, because who doesn’t love a good trilogy and we all know it would be one looong post if I didn’t.  🙂 Sunday July 20th started off like a normal day, we went to a church we’re courting right now and everyone made comments on how I looked very close to giving birth.  In the back of my mind I was thinking, it’s going to be another week at least!  When we got home The Scottish Read more […]

Naming This Baby

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Before I go any further I want to sincerely apologize for even talking about names on DH because I’m probably going to keep The Wee One’s name off the blog.  Writing this post makes me feel like a big tease and maybe I’ll change my mind later on, but for now I don’t plan on parading him around DH too often (of course they’ll be pictures here and there!) but that means keeping his name private as well. The most commonly asked question once your bump begins to show is, “Have you picked a name Read more […]