Destroy-it-Yourself: Staining the Patio

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DSC05046 DSC05046

Waaaay back in May when my in-laws were here The Scottish and my FIL stained our backyard patio.  We completely lucked out that the semi-transparent stain we picked matched the color of our house exactly.  I’d call it a burnt orange and while I don’t particularly like the color of our house very much, I do like when things match! This was a pretty fast project but still took the better part of a day because they had to wait for the wood to dry multiple times.  I won’t pretend anyone needs Read more […]

Scottish Grandparents Visit MN 2016

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DSC_0183 DSC_0183

I know, I know, this update is super late but better late than never.  We had a fantastic time while The Scottish’s parents were in town, and we got to show them more of what the Twin Cities has to offer.  I love Minneapolis and St. Paul and each time they visit I get more ideas of places to visit and things to do.  We are already excited for next May!  🙂 This post is going to be extremely photo-heavy and perhaps not super interesting to most of you readers.  But for our family it’s a Read more […]

It’s The Most Sickiest Time of the Year

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DSC02784 DSC02784

Heeeey Everybody!  I missed you guys.  And I missed blogging.  Although taking a break is always beneficial to me because I come back itching to share my stories and thoughts.  The Scottish had last week off from work and it’s been amazing!  I loving extra family time and it’s so stinkin’ cute to see how much The Wee One loves playing with and hanging on to his Daddy. My back has felt really good lately and I know that’s because I’ve carried The Wee One A LOT less recently.  Alas, it’s Read more […]

It Always Feels Like This

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DSC06711 DSC06711

It feels amazing when they first arrive.  The room is filled with calm and happiness after months of anticipation.  THEY’RE FINALLY HERE!!  The Scottish is not an overly expressive man, but there is something extra joyful about him when his parents are around.  It’s super cute. I feel really lucky that my in-laws are such great people and fantastic grandparents.  They stayed with us for two weeks and spent much of it playing and laughing with The Wee One.  After some slight hesitation Read more […]

The Scottish Are Coming, The Scottish Are Coming!

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DSC06181 DSC06181

My Mother-in-law and Father-in-law or as we now call them on the blog, Grandpa and Grandma Scottish are coming to Minnesota for a two-week visit!!  YAY!!  We are beyond excited.  The Scottish is taking days off from work and this guy can’t wait to see his other set of grandparents. Geez, he looks SO grown up sometimes!  I think I’ll call that his salmon shirt, just like Ross on Friends.  🙂 My in-laws want to spend the majority of their time playing with The Wee One, taking him Read more […]