Blogging About My Bubble

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I’ve been feeling extra emotional these days.  Pregnancy hormones are mostly to blame, but let’s be honest, I cry at the drop of a hat even when I’m not pregnant.  There are so many thoughts zipping through my head at all times, so much to do in preparation for baby #2, and yet, so much joy and gratefulness in the everyday little things.  Life is good, and we’re really trying to make the most of this blessed time of year. However shiny my little bubble is, there is turmoil, death, sorrow, Read more […]

First and Last Vacation as a Family of Three

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For most people up here in da freezin’ north, a vacation means going somewhere warm, like Florida or Hawaii and sitting on the beach.  For the classic, die-hard Minnesotans it means going to the cabin and fishing, hunting, or just plain relaxing.  For those with extra funds, a vacation is usually somewhere far away like Japan, Italy, or Dubai to experience new cultures. For me, a vacation means leaving my house overnight and eating out as much as possible.  The criteria being simple, and Read more […]

Repeat, Not Again, and Try New for Baby #2

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So I’ve heard two major themes about having a second child.  One is that your life is complete chaos at the beginning and two, that it’s actually not that bad.  Or rather, its not as tough as going from zero children to one.  It makes sense because zero to one kid is a bigger life change than one to two kids but I guess I will have to wait and find out. When your second (or third, or fourth) child enters the world, you are a more confident parent, and you have figured out what works for you Read more […]

The Wee Two is a…

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DSC00167 DSC00167

BOY!!!  Yep, we’re having another sweet baby boy and we’re so very happy.  It’s the first time we’ll have brothers in many generations on my side and brothers aren’t very common on The Scottish’s side either. I have to admit I thought I was having a girl (silly pregnancy dreams and obviously wrong instincts) and I was looking forward to buying girly clothes and experiencing something new, but really, every child is so different, it’s ALWAYS new.  When I look at The Wee One, I know Read more […]

It’s Not What You See, It’s How You Look At It: Part Two

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Renaissance Knight Renaissance Knight

Remember when I shared how The Cuz Man was rocking his cranial cap in the most amazing photos ever?  Well The Sister and The BIL did not stop posing him in adorable scenarios, in fact, they came up with even more creative ideas.  I wanted to share the rest of the pictures in the series because they are too precious not to share! The Cuz Man was in his helmet for a grand total of 3 months and his head looks amazing now.  The unevenness and the flat spot are essentially gone and lucky him, Read more […]

Let’s Catch Up

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Starbucks Starbucks

Hey everybody!  My birthday was on Sunday so I used it as an excuse to do a whole lot of nothing most of the weekend.  It was really nice to unplug and step away from my computer for a bit.  But I’m back and ready to catch up!  How are you doing?  Anyone else have an October birthday (aka the best month)?? I won’t go over my birthday weekend in great detail but I will share a few things.  The Mother totally spoiled me and I got a new pair of shoes and a new diaper bag!  I’m hoping to Read more […]

The Wee One Picks Apples

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DSC09910 DSC09910

Hi everybody, Happy Monday! I’m still not feeling 100% myself in regards to weaning but I would say I’m starting to think a bit more positively.  Distraction is working well most of the time, but some mornings The Wee One sobs and pulls on my shirt and that just breaks my heart into a million pieces.  The Scottish is always nearby to help and he keeps reminding me that I have to think of what I’m gaining with The Wee One instead of what I’m losing  Easier said than done, but I’m working on Read more […]

My Year+ of Breastfeeding

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DSC09685 DSC09685

This post is going to be very personal and very cathartic for me, and to be honest, probably a little dramatic too.  I definitely have more feelings on the subject of breastfeeding than I can articulate into words but I’m going to do my best to recap things, for myself so I can look back on this in years to come, and for those of you with interest in breastfeeding and weaning. First, some notes.  (And a catch-up for anyone new-ish to DH, hello!) All photos taken this week by The Scottish. Timeline Read more […]

I Have an Announcement to Make

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Baby-Announcement_original (2) Baby-Announcement_original (2)

I’m pregnant!!  Yay!!  The Wee One will be 19 and a half months old when his sibling arrives, hence, the 2 kids are under 2 years of age social media announcement.  As I’ve told people in person, I usually start by saying, “I have some news”  And before I can finish, they’ve interrupted me with, “Are you pregnant?”  Yep. It was a slight surprise to us as my cycle was being wonky from breastfeeding and I couldn’t chart but it was the BEST surprise really.  I told The Scottish I didn’t Read more […]

Cradling the Future in My Arms

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The Wee One caught a small cold last week. His nose has been pretty runny and he has a cough too.  Always the trooper, he’s been in mostly good spirits and sleeping pretty well for being sick. This past weekend he went down for his second nap as usual around 2 PM.  He woke up crying and upset at 3 PM so I went in and scooped him up.  I took him into my bedroom and we laid down together, his head on my shoulder, seemingly still tired but I could hear McKenna pawing at the patio door to come Read more […]