37 Weeks and Waddling

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37 weeks edited 37 weeks edited

As I write this post I am now less than two weeks away from my due date, how unbelievably exciting and terrifying at the same time!  But let’s back track to last week.  Week 37.  Up until recently, this meant I was full term but in 2013 new research changed the way we categorize those final weeks of pregnancy.  Now I’m technically considered early term. The new break-up is as follows (and this info can be found in many locations online): • Early term: Between 37 weeks 0 days and 38 weeks, Read more […]

This One Year

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DSC00916 DSC00916

It’s July.  Sometimes I can’t believe it’s already July and sometimes I can’t believe it’s only July.  We have done so much in such a calculated manner (moving will do that to you) that it feels like one year flew and crawled by at the same time. Since so much has happened since July 2013 I knew I wanted to record it for posterity’s sake. The Mother has heard that you should only do one major life change or event per year.  Sounds ideal but umm, I think we failed that a million times over. Read more […]

36 Weeks and Whining

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36 weeks edited 36 weeks edited

A bump update so soon?  Yep.  Remember when I said they’d be weekly from now on? This is the HOME STRETCH folks.  I’m now in the final month, the longest month, the most uncomfortable month.  As a blogger friend of mine put it, the last four weeks are the longest stretch of pregnancy but once your child is born, you blink, and they’re already six months old. I believe it! Since I want these last few updates to be as close to real-time as possible, I will count everything that happened in Read more […]

To the Basement!

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DSC02176 DSC02176

I know it’s been baby central over here at Drama Happens, so I figured we were due for another house post.  This time it’s not going to be a before and after type post but rather a, this is what our basement looks like with some stuff in it! We only painted the rooms on the top floor so all the color choices shown here were picked by the previous owners.  We had very limited furniture downstairs because we’ve never had 2400 square feet to fill before!  I’m dying to get new furniture for the Read more […]

Pregnant and Camping: You Would Cry Too if it Happen To You

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DSC01950 DSC01950

HELLO FRIENDS, GUESS WHAT? I SURVIVED CAMPING, IT WASN’T SO BAD, AND LIFE IS GOOD, NO WAIT, LIFE IS GREAT! OK, I’m done yelling and my apologies because my title is misleading as I didn’t cry much on the trip, but it made me laugh so it stays! I am downright jovial about the fact that I’m done traveling (and moving) and that we’re at the point where we can just wait for baby boy to make his arrival.  I am lucky because camping went so well and was overall uneventful, which is definitely Read more […]

You, Me, and IKE-A (and a toilet)

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DSC01610 DSC01610

Now that I’ve bombarded you all with an insane amount of bump pics, let’s talk about home renovations.  As someone who reads home blogs purely for inspiration and to admire other people’s work, it makes sense that I won’t be a blogger who gives step by step instructions, and NOT just because I don’t do much of the renovations myself.  🙂  But because those are the parts I usually scroll past.  Plus I’m willing to bet no one reads my relationship blog for the home improvement projects, amirite?? The Read more […]

Home Scary Home

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before and after painting two before and after painting two

Hi everybody!!  Did you miss me?!?!?  Just lie to me and say yes. I need that right now.  I’ve missed you all terribly and I have so much to share with you guys but this first post of the week is going to be a bit of a brain dump because man, my brain is FULL. I’m happy to report we are officially moved into our new home and living there full-time.  You’d think after 3.5 months of living with my parents that I’d be gung-ho about getting out but on the contrary, The Mother had to kick us out, Read more […]

Back Attack

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Happy Monday Readers!  Here is the LONG story of my back issues from 2011.  Thank goodness I wrote it all down when it was fresh in my mind because there are definitely parts I did not remember until now. Crazy. It will take some time to read so dive in when you have a few extra minutes.  I wish I could say I re-posted it word for word but OH MY GOSH the typos.  I had to revise a few things but please excuse the switching of tenses and run-on sentences because I couldn’t very well re-write Read more […]

The Black Spot in Our New House

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DSC00967 DSC00967

Now that I’ve raved about how awesome our house is, it’s time to get real.  It shouldn’t be surprising that there are parts of our new home that I don’t particularly like and parts that we will want to change in the future.  100% perfect houses don’t exist just like 100% perfect people don’t exist!  It’s all about finding something you absolutely love and can fashion into your dream house over time. The Scottish and my parents might disagree with me, but I think the worst part of our new house Read more […]

A Closer Look: Married to a Man, Almost Married to a Woman

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Today’s interview is with fellow Bee blogger and friend of mine Kari, aka Miss Tiara on Weddingbee.  She is one of those people you could talk to for hours about anything because she’s just so likable and smart.  It’s clear to me Kari’s past relationships do NOT define her, so why am I asking her to talk about them?  Well, besides the fact that I believe gay marriage should be treated as any other marriage instead of being glorified or condemned, I also feel we need to hear more from people Read more […]