Exciting Interview #4 Coming Next Week!

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Oh what’s that?  You totally forgot about this feature because it’s been so long since the last interview??  Oops.  Sorry about that!  Blogging about house and baby has been time-consuming but also a lot of fun!  That said, I love exploring relationships, so I’m really pumped to be bringing this feature back to life!! Next week we’re going to hear from Kari about her marriage to a man and her almost marriage to a woman.  I’m excited to share her unique and honest perspective on relationships Read more […]

I Never Would Have Believed It: Our House Story

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Well, we passed our inspection and that means we’re one step closer to living in our new home!  Yay! The story of how we found our home is called “A God Thing,” named by The Mother and begrudgingly agreed upon by me. For the sake of the story its easier to use actual names but I don’t want to use the real ones, so for the suburb where my parents live, I’ll use “Cherryville” and for the street where our house is located, I’ll use, “Washington.” We have to start with the Saturday BEFORE we Read more […]

I Hate Not Being Perfect

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Cause you know, no one is perfect.  But I really, really wish I was.  If I was perfect I would have been able to manage my time well enough to get a blog post up for yesterday.  Instead, I have a weekend treat for you guys about my need for perfection and struggle with anxiety.  Fun, right? 🙂 This might sound a bit crazy, mostly because I am, but many times my writing is therapeutic and frankly, this post is so honest it should write itself.  You see, my need for perfection is about more Read more […]

I Got the Living At Home Blues

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OK seriously people, we need to find a home!  We just had a tortuously long wait only to find out another offer we submitted on a home was rejected.  C’est la vie right?  Well, I hate getting my hopes up only to have them stepped on and tossed about.  This might not seem like a long time to some people (probably because it’s not) but it’s been almost two full months of searching, three houses we’ve loved, and two submitted and rejected offers (in multiple offer scenarios).  The market is over-flowing Read more […]

I Represent Me or A Rant on Women

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I’ve thought a lot recently about how great it is to be a woman.  Being pregnant has me so in awe of what my body can do and I am constantly reminded of what a gift it is to be pregnant.  (For the record, men are amazing creatures too, but for today I want to talk about women.) This day in age it feels like anything a woman does simultaneously defines her womanhood while telling the world just how much of a feminist she really is.  For some reason, it’s not enough to just push for equality Read more […]

Welcome Home Fight With The Sister

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4th of July trip to Minnesota, wedding stuff 033 4th of July trip to Minnesota, wedding stuff 033

I mean really, no one should be surprised.  It was bound to happen.  Especially after a year of wedding planning together and having that go SO eerily well, we were due for a mutual meltdown. It doesn’t really matter how it started or how it ended but that it was productive.  If you don’t have a sister, I will enlighten you for a moment.  Sisters hold each other to such high standards that it becomes nearly impossible to not disappoint each other.  There is no room for error or ease because Read more […]

My Husband Talks Funny

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My husband has an accent but I like to say he talks funny.  It’s usually flirty banter between us because when I say, “You have a weird accent,” he replies with, “No, YOU have a weird accent,” and then I giggle. Because, damn, he’s kind of right.  Too bad I can’t help but mock him laugh when he says words like “perfect” and “girl.” Truth be told, I forget The Scottish has an accent most of the time.  He’s the person I see most often in the world so it makes sense that certain things sort of Read more […]

High School Thong?

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dhLogo dhLogo

First off, THANK YOU for all the well wishes and page views following my baby announcement.  It appears there is interest in baby related drama, so while it won’t be all pregnancy posts all the time, it’s good to know I can share what I’ve been saving up my sleeve.  Thanks for the love readers! So I know I’m not the first blogger to share hilarious and awkward phrases that people use to stumble upon blogs, but it’s just too funny to ignore them.  I figure I could do a post like this once a Read more […]

A Closer Look: Single By Choice

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Happy Tuesday everybody!  It’s time for another relationship interview and this week we are talking to S about what it’s like to be single when it seems most of the world chooses to pair off and get married. (Yes, it’s become clear I have an obsession with funny e cards.  Sorry I’m not sorry.) As always be respectful in the comments but DO feel free to comment!  S is a fellow artist friend and someone I met while doing theatre in Chicago.  She’s really nice and really funny.  And I Read more […]

Exciting Interview #3 Coming Next Week!

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Yep, it’s that time again.  Time to explore another type of relationship through a personal and eye-opening interview!  Yay! Next week’s topic will highlight something that has a tendency to get overlooked quite a bit here at Drama Happens or any relationship blog for that matter.  I am referring to single people.  Single people who are happily single, who are not searching for their soul mate online or hunting down prey at the bar.  Single people who are primarily single by choice and who Read more […]