These Are The Years…

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These are the years… of going to bed at 8:30 PM because we’re so crazy exhausted. of rarely being alone together. of nothing in the house for lunch but sandwich bread heels and old fruit. Just enough to keep everyone fed. of wearing the same stained shirts and ripped jeans because any extra money goes to clothing for the boys. of calling each other Mommy and Daddy. of eating out less.  Oh, how we miss eating out. of watching Netflix together instead of talking or connecting Read more […]

Long Days and Dead Squirrels

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cantaloupe cantaloupe

Hi guys! I realize I didn’t have a post on Monday, but it was intentional.  I was exhausted after four days of taking care of The Wee One, the dog, and the house by myself.  I didn’t feel much like writing to be honest, but there’s another reason I wasn’t super pumped about posting.  It seems the blogosphere gets extremely quiet over the summer.  Every year my daily views take a hit yet once June comes and every year I am shocked by it.  Well, this year I’m taking it as a sign to blog less Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: First Mother’s Day Recap

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IMG_20150509_182101 IMG_20150509_182101

Since I have been posting on very specific topics lately and since I was gone for a while, I thought it would be nice to just chat with you guys for a minute. How are you?  I’m doing well although I’m currently on day one of the first of two consecutive solo-parenting weekends.  The Scottish is at my brother’s bachelor party this weekend and he’s the Best Man in our Best Man’s wedding in Scotland next weekend (does that make sense?).  The Wee One and I have big plans to keep busy and hang Read more […]

First Mother’s Day Anticipation

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My first Mother’s Day is coming up this May. I know I share this holiday with millions of other wonderful women but this year is special for me because it’s my first time as a mother and a mother to the most amazing little boy at that.  Of course when something feels extra special, the expectations can ride a little high. According to The Scottish I’m not the easiest person to surprise or gift at holidays (WHAA??), so I’m going to tell him exactly what I want this time. Does anyone else Read more […]

The Glue and The Tape’s Picnic Shower

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DSC06084 DSC06084

This past weekend The Mother, The Sister, and I threw a picnic themed shower for my brother and his fiancé.  We called it a wedding shower (instead of the traditional bridal shower) because we wanted to invite both men and women, we are on the groom’s side after all!  Overall it was a great success and now my brother knows just how awkward it is to open gifts in front of people!  🙂 We did a great job making it a family and guy friendly event if I do say so myself, and here’s how: 1) Read more […]

Weaning Off a Feed

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DSC05854 DSC05854

This post is likely to be very boring to about 90% of my readers, but weaning (while a very personal thing). is something I wish more bloggers wrote about online.  Just like birth stories, I love reading personal experiences and I believe this is worth sharing with my fellow nursing mamas or those who plan on nursing at some point in the future. The Wee One and I have always nursed on demand but sometime between 3 and 4 months a daily schedule formed.  Once we passed the 4 month sleep Read more […]

Let’s Take This Fight On The Road

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car ride car ride

Based on my last post it would appear that our trip to Chicago was perfect.  While it was definitely wonderful, it was also exhausting and stressful at times. I hope you guys know by now that I try to share both the awesome and frustrating parts of life and this trip will be no exception.  Unfortunately, The Scottish and I were not as nice to each other as we could have been while traveling to and from Chicago. Shocking I know, haha! The main reason behind our bickering was due to our failure Read more […]

Two Years

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Coffield Wedding 0137 Coffield Wedding 0137

It was exactly two years ago today on March 9th, 2013 that The Scottish and I were married. I still look back fondly on that day as one of the best in my life.  Two years later we are becoming less like newly weds and more like a seasoned married couple.  Our life is finally a bit predictable and full of family, friends, downtime, and routine.  We both love it. As is our tradition, we celebrated by getting away for a night at a nearby hotel.  Last year at last we attempted a staycation Read more […]

Beautiful, Autumn, Castle Wedding

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657 657

The Wee Sis’ and The Happy Chappie’s professional wedding photographs have arrived and I’m finally getting around to posting them!  I’m hoping it will be a fun little break from all the holiday talk (Happy Christmas Eve btw).  Their photographer was AMAZING and captured some really lovely shots. This is only a small sampling of their October nuptials but as a wedding-lover I couldn’t pass up sharing them. I’m currently helping The Glue and The Tape as much as I can with the planning of their Read more […]

A Closer Look: Long Distance Marriage

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Hi everybody!  I’m super excited to be sharing this interview with you guys today!  H’s answers are thoughtful and honest and I had a great time reading them.  As always with this series, please remember to keep comments positive and enjoy! First off, hello! How did you meet your partner and how many years have you been together? I’ve known G for nearly ⅓ of my life, we have been together for 10 ½ years. We met as freshmen in college. He lived one floor below me in the dorms. One Read more […]