Are You a Jerk or a Sweetheart?

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Scotland April 2012 055 Scotland April 2012 055

I was half watching this show the other day about random life facts when something grabbed my attention.  They were explaining how to tell if you’re a jerk or a sweetheart.  Well, I thought, I must find out!! First sign you’re a jerk?  You don’t think it’s AT ALL possible that you are one.  I was already doing well because it was something I had to contemplate for a minute.  Phew! A jerk is someone who kisses up to those above them (on the work or social life ladder) and looks down on Read more […]

Red Baby Love

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DSC05160 DSC05160

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everybody!!  From our family to yours.  🙂 Whether you are single or partnered, parent to a human or fur-baby, a friend, child, or sibling, this Hallmark holiday is all about RELATIONSHIPS and LOVE.  Everyone needs, wants, and gives love; what a lovely thing to celebrate! This year The Scottish and I waited until the last-minute to get each other anything so we decided to go to Target together!  First up, picking out each other’s Valentine’s cards, exchanging Read more […]

Being Sick Bites

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We have a cold virus going through our family.  The Wee One seemed to catch it first and he’s now on antibiotics for a slight ear infection and slight pink eye.  It’s his first big cold (he’s only been sick one other time and it was only a quick 24 hours).  I’m anal and can spot conjunctivitis (pink eye) a mile away, so I’m pretty sure he only had that for about 4 hours total.  Poor thing is still coughing, has a bad diaper rash from his meds, and is a bit miserable at times but he’s on the mend! The Read more […]

Life Update: Taking Stock

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lounging lounging

This is one of those blogging prompt posts that someone I follow recently did, and I thought it was a fun read.  Here is a small slice of my life right now, hope you enjoy. Making : Phone-date plans to connect up with a faraway friend. Cooking : Tonight on the menu is (store-bought) breaded tilapia and rice. Drinking : Starbucks vanilla latte from the grocery store.  It’s not quite as good as the original but it works. Reading: Just finished Amy Poehler’s Yes Please.  I want to say I loved Read more […]

Back to Blog Holiday Recap

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DSC04669 DSC04669

Hi friends!!!  How is everyone doing?  It feels like I’ve been away for decades but it’s only been a week. Bizarre right?  So much has happened that I have no idea where to start.  Bullet points seem like a concise way to share my update, and they’re about all the writing energy I can muster.  I’m currently feeling those depressive Sunday Night Blues and now that the holiday season is over, I want to hibernate until spring.  What is the point of life without friends and family parties and Read more […]

Tradish Pics

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DSC03716 DSC03716

I’m terrible at making obnoxious abbreviations for words and I’m constantly asking The Glue if they work or not.  I’m pretty sure I was OK’d to say “tradish” instead of tradition.  Do you kind of hate it?  Me too.  Let’s continue. I look forward to family traditions year after year.  Growing up we had quite a few around the holidays.  One of my favorites was picking out our real (always had to be real according to The Mother) tree from the grocery store parking lot the day we drove home Read more […]

“Hey Roomie!’

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DSC03596 DSC03596

Remember on Friday when I said I had news to share this week?  Well, we have a roommate! My cousin (known as Jo here on DH) has moved into the “princess” room in our basement.  I guess we can’t call it that now as all the princess decals have been removed, but it’s still pink and purple. Of course it will be a big adjustment for all of us but family helps each other out when they need it and we were happy to welcome her into our home.  Cousin Jo will be job hunting in the Twin Cities Read more […]

DramaLite: Motherhood

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Mommy smiling at Wee One Mommy smiling at Wee One

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a DramaLite,and in case you’re new to these parts, this a series dedicated to laughing at the silly and embarrassing moments in my life. The Wee One is not only adorable but he also has a well-developed humorous side.  Case in point, he giggles at me when I cry.  I WISH I was kidding. It’s happened twice although I’ve yet to get it recorded for proof. The first time was after I cut one of his nails so short that it gushed (ok maybe not gushed) blood. Read more […]

This Is One of Those Feminist Posts That Will Get Taken Out of Context

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DSC03403 DSC03403

Sorry for the obnoxious title folks, but people get super obnoxious when it comes to talking about women’s rights and what it means to be a feminist. I have no doubt that someone somewhere will misinterpret what I mean and frankly, I don’t care!!  Haters gonna hate, and idiots will be idiots.  (Is that how it goes Ms. Swift??) This weekend I had a really nice moment. The kind of reassuring moment that reminds you what is important and makes you feel good about where you are and what you’re Read more […]

No Regrets

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IMG_2765 IMG_2765

It’s extremely hard to leave the country when you are a person with anxiety issues.  You worry about your child getting sick, your pain while nursing, money, time, and your inevitable lack of sleep.  You finally give up on the worrying a few weeks out because you know it is pointless and you are as ready as you’ll ever be.  This trip has been on your mind for over a year, confirmed and purchased for months and physically packed up since two days before departure.  It’s not going to be easy flying Read more […]