Sweet Chicago

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I wrote this poem about a month before we moved to Kansas.  It’s not great, it might not even be good, but writing is how I express myself.  It’s my free therapy.  And I wanted to share it with you all.   You are the first city I got to explore all on my own, You are the city in which I bought my very first home. You welcomed me as an actor and granted my first professional show You introduced me to some amazing friends that still make my heart grow.   You taught me how to love Read more […]

Lowering Those Birthday Expectations

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My birthday is coming up on October 4th and I will be turning the big 3-0 this year.  I haven’t exactly kept this a secret and I like to remind folks whenever I get the chance.  I’m not even opposed to the number 30 itself, even though I feel like I should be.  It helps that I’ve heard people say their 30’s are far superior to their 20’s.  Instead of discovering one’s self and making loads of mistakes, one tends to be more settled and happy with the direction their life has gone. For reasons Read more […]


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school picture school picture

I have these great Prada glasses I got on discount through a friend of a friend.  They’re geometric, green, chunky plastic, and totally awesome. Stylish right?  And very different from my first pair of multicolored wire frames. Ah, thank you school picture day for this gem.  These were my first pair of glasses and I remember painstakingly picking out just the right ones.  How much better can you get than over-sized and multicolored for crying out loud! I started wearing glasses Read more […]

Welcome to Drama Happens!

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spikey hair DH spikey hair DH

This is an exciting moment.  After blogging exclusively about weddings for the last year and a half I’m officially back to droning on and on about anything and everything! My name is Stephanie.  I don’t go by the nickname Steph but if you’re The Glue or The Father or any other male in my family you can probably get away with calling me that (Does that sound sexist?  Great start Steph).  I have been a dramatic girl since my birth in 1983.  And yes, I just publicly shared my age and if you Read more […]


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Drama Happens is alive again but this time with a whole new look and objective! Drama Happens will be a relationship focused blog where I will share all the ups and downs and funny stories that happen to myself and the people in my life.  I’ll also explore outside relationships, especially ones that are a little more offbeat in the hopes of making all of us a little more understanding! Check back on August 26th for my inaugural post!