The Wee Two Celebrates One Year!!

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DSC07381 DSC07381

Pic heavy post for your viewing pleasure in 3,2,1… The theme was rockets!  The Mother made these adorable fruit kebabs in the shape of rockets and The Sister planned a bunch of awesome games for the kids to play.  We tried to keep the party low-key, inviting mostly family and a few friends, and The Wee Two (and his big brother) had a wonderful time. The Wee Two got to have his second attempt at a smash cake (his first time took place during Read more […]

The First Snowman and Crying on Santa’s Lap

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DSC01882 DSC01882

I’m feeling really low energy this week so I’m going to keep this post simple and photo-heavy. We just had a relatively warm autumn for Minnesota and now we are having a very mild winter which I’m really enjoying!  Minnesota’s first major snowfall was a bit later than usual this year and it’s already melted and gone! But before it left I got The Wee One all bundled up one afternoon and when Grandma MN stopped by she helped him make his first snowman (snowperson?).  Yay! The snow Read more […]


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Hello lovely readers and Happy Thanksgiving to those folks in the USA!   Guys, I’ve become such a holiday junkie in my (relatively) “old” age.  I love it more and more each year!  I can’t get enough of holiday music and I usually start baking cookies as soon as Halloween is over.  I love family get togethers, holiday parties, and browsing the holiday section in every store I go into to.  The cold weather seems appropriate now and joy is in the air. Speaking of joy, I’m so happy Read more […]

Let’s Catch Up

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Starbucks Starbucks

Hey everybody!  My birthday was on Sunday so I used it as an excuse to do a whole lot of nothing most of the weekend.  It was really nice to unplug and step away from my computer for a bit.  But I’m back and ready to catch up!  How are you doing?  Anyone else have an October birthday (aka the best month)?? I won’t go over my birthday weekend in great detail but I will share a few things.  The Mother totally spoiled me and I got a new pair of shoes and a new diaper bag!  I’m hoping to Read more […]

The Wee One Picks Apples

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DSC09910 DSC09910

Hi everybody, Happy Monday! I’m still not feeling 100% myself in regards to weaning but I would say I’m starting to think a bit more positively.  Distraction is working well most of the time, but some mornings The Wee One sobs and pulls on my shirt and that just breaks my heart into a million pieces.  The Scottish is always nearby to help and he keeps reminding me that I have to think of what I’m gaining with The Wee One instead of what I’m losing  Easier said than done, but I’m working on Read more […]

Updating Our Play Set

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DSC08634 DSC08634

Today’s post is about a redwood stain.  (I know, you can barely hold your excitement back!)  😉  I am sharing this because I’m pleasantly surprised at how a single home improvement update has changed the look of our backyard so dramatically. When we bought this house in May of 2014, it came with a play set in the backyard.  It’s nothing fancy, your typical slide, plus rings, complete with big kid and little kid swings and a lofted area.  We’ve always known it needed a good stain but Read more […]

The Wee One: First Birthday Party!

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DSC08828 DSC08828

Hi friends! We had The Wee One’s party last weekend and it was a whirlwind of fun.  Everyone said they had a great time which makes me so happy.  I planned ahead and spent quite a bit of time crafting the decorations, setting the menu, and even buying favors for all the kiddo guests.  We had balloons, cupcakes, and tons of food.  The party was from 11-1 PM, right in between The Wee One’s two naps.  I figured since I always have more food than I really need when I host I might as well plan Read more […]

The Glue and The Tape’s Picnic Shower

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DSC06084 DSC06084

This past weekend The Mother, The Sister, and I threw a picnic themed shower for my brother and his fiancé.  We called it a wedding shower (instead of the traditional bridal shower) because we wanted to invite both men and women, we are on the groom’s side after all!  Overall it was a great success and now my brother knows just how awkward it is to open gifts in front of people!  🙂 We did a great job making it a family and guy friendly event if I do say so myself, and here’s how: 1) Read more […]

The Tech Snob Turns 31

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nexus 6 nexus 6

Technically, The Scottish doesn’t turn 31 until Wednesday but we celebrated his birthday this past weekend.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know The Scottish and I recently got new and matching cell phones!  He has needed a new phone FOREVER and I told him we’d get him one for his birthday.  Then about two days before we were going to go shopping my on/off button broke and I dropped my cell phone in the toilet.  I swear these are unrelated incidents!!  I did not break my phone… although Read more […]

Through The Wee One’s Eyes

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DSC04600 DSC04600

I have SO many adorable photos of my little guy from these past few weeks that I decided to fill an entire post of The Wee One’s holiday adventures.  I thought it would be more fun if The Wee One himself explained the photos from his point of view.  😉  After a long 8 hour drive to Bismarck, ND, I was ready to stretch and hang out with my family.  Great Grandma J gave me a new toy which Mommy promptly shoved in my mouth.  Now I chew on that caterpillar all the time. On Christmas Eve Read more […]