Goodbye Sweet Home Chicago

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My title doesn’t make a lot of sense because I left Chicago in the summer of 2013.  The goodbye is actually in reference to the condo I owned from 2009 until about a week ago!  That’s right, I recently sold my first home.  But I should back up a bit before I get into that… I didn’t have a lot of reason to discuss my junior one bedroom (studio) condominium here on Drama Happens but it’s been a huge part of my life for years.  I lived there from 2009 to 2012 and since then I’ve been renting Read more […]

Oops, It’s Not Monday

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DSC04783 DSC04783

Hello lovely readers!  Did you notice my absence yesterday?  I was not able to post as scheduled on Monday because I had a busy week, a busier weekend, and not enough time to prepare a quality blog post.  Technically, this minor change shouldn’t warrant an apology but to those loyal readers out there, I am sorry.  I like to be reliable! Blogging on a regular schedule has always been good for me, both mentally and emotionally.  It helps me stay connected to Drama Happens and to my readers. Read more […]

This One Year

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It’s July.  Sometimes I can’t believe it’s already July and sometimes I can’t believe it’s only July.  We have done so much in such a calculated manner (moving will do that to you) that it feels like one year flew and crawled by at the same time. Since so much has happened since July 2013 I knew I wanted to record it for posterity’s sake. The Mother has heard that you should only do one major life change or event per year.  Sounds ideal but umm, I think we failed that a million times over. Read more […]

Pregnant and Camping: You Would Cry Too if it Happen To You

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HELLO FRIENDS, GUESS WHAT? I SURVIVED CAMPING, IT WASN’T SO BAD, AND LIFE IS GOOD, NO WAIT, LIFE IS GREAT! OK, I’m done yelling and my apologies because my title is misleading as I didn’t cry much on the trip, but it made me laugh so it stays! I am downright jovial about the fact that I’m done traveling (and moving) and that we’re at the point where we can just wait for baby boy to make his arrival.  I am lucky because camping went so well and was overall uneventful, which is definitely Read more […]

Baby Bump Photo Shoot in Chicago!

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So I was going to have a house update for today but then my professional photos arrived from the amazing Jennifer Jackson and I just couldn’t wait to share them with you guys! We had a lovely time in Chicago the first weekend of May, which you can read about here, and part of that trip included our maternity photo session with the talents of Jennography.  Why book our shoot in Chicago when we now live in the Twin Cities?  Good question. The answer is three-fold. 1) We wanted to work with Read more […]

Showered in Chicago

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We had such a wonderful trip to Chicago this past weekend and I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you guys.  The Scottish and I usually attempt to fit as much as possible into our two day and this time was no different.  Besides our baby shower and our maternity photo shoot, we spent time with my nanny family, many of our good friends, and lastly our beloved city.  I don’t want to write about it to death but instead I want to share some special moments through photographs.  Like this Read more […]

Germs and Change, A Holiday in Review

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At the Alzheimer's Home At the Alzheimer's Home

Argh.  Groan. Ulhhhh.  That’s how I feel when I look back to my ten day holiday travel extravaganza. You know how sometimes when you worry about something only to have it be just as difficult as you imagined?  Yea. That. (I’m gonna ATTEMPT to make this trip recap as interesting and comical as possible but you know, some stuff is serious.) First off the travel, oh my gosh, the traveling.  5 days of being in the car for 8 hours is no joke.  In fact, it’s quite miserable.  Your butt gets Read more […]


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My babies Jan. 2013 My babies Jan. 2013

This week’s Remember The Time theme is about Last Days.  It’s one of those phrases that seems to encourage deeply emotional and beautiful stories.  There have been a lot of great submissions this week so click on Emily’s blog to find the link-up and start reading. I may or may not have cried in the writing of this post.   It started off like any other day, I got on the 70 Division bus heading east to downtown Chicago.  I got off at that last stop and I walked my ten minute path Read more […]

Just Call Me Nom (Nanny Mom)

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Cilia Birthday Experience- Age 6 034 Cilia Birthday Experience- Age 6 034

There are just as many misconceptions about nannies as there are about actors (and probably every job on the planet).  Even though I’m used to the ignorant and sometimes offensive questions, I decided it’d be best to clear some things up using the good ol’ blogosphere. I was a Nom for almost six years to Big C (boy) and Littlest C (girl) and to say it was an amazing experience is an understatement.  I learned so much about raising children, communication, my own flaws and strengths, and how Read more […]

Sweet Chicago

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I wrote this poem about a month before we moved to Kansas.  It’s not great, it might not even be good, but writing is how I express myself.  It’s my free therapy.  And I wanted to share it with you all.   You are the first city I got to explore all on my own, You are the city in which I bought my very first home. You welcomed me as an actor and granted my first professional show You introduced me to some amazing friends that still make my heart grow.   You taught me how to love Read more […]