The Wee One is a…

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DSC00803 DSC00803

Are you surprised?!?!  I wasn’t.  I actually had a dream the night before my 20 week appointment that we would go to the ultrasound and the technician would say boy.  To say The Scottish and I are excited is an understatement.  Remember how I felt a while ago on the whole boy or girl thing?  Well, knowing your baby is healthy is such a wonderful feeling. And knowing I’m going to have a son is just thrilling.  We couldn’t be happier!  🙂 We took the above pictures during The Scottish’s Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: Dramatic Updates You Will Care About

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DSC00864 DSC00864

It’s Friday people!  It’s actually above freezing outside, and even though we didn’t get a house we put an offer on (boo!), good things are happening!  It’s been quite a week for my little family… For starters, The Scottish turned 30!  And we had a wonderful time celebrating. The finishing touches are being made to the first release of the new Drama Happens website  (my baby who predates McKenna and The Wee One), and we’re thinking the changes will be ready to share by next week! It’s Read more […]