The Wee Two’s Birth Story: My 2nd Beautiful Miracle

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If you are just tuning in, part one of The Wee Two’s birth story can be found HERE. Where we last left off I was a whopping 8 cm dilated and feeling good about my progress.  My OB decided it was time to rupture my waters.  It seems my babies like to take their sweet time descending and breaking my waters usually speeds up the process. Remember at the end of my last post when I said I was at an 8 but not for long?  Unfortunately, after my OB broke my waters, I went backwards to 6 cm dilated. Read more […]

The Wee Two’s Birth Story: IV, Epidural, Drugs, Please

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I didn’t want to start contracting at night.  I was hoping for a day time birth because laboring overnight means less sleep and the dark makes everything seem scarier.  Alas, my body seems to enjoy contracting in the evenings… Tuesday March 1st.  Both The Scottish and I are relieved to have made it to March.  We didn’t want a leap year baby and we had our hearts set on March and a slightly more spring time birth.  I begin losing my mucous plug and I’m tentatively excited. Wednesday March Read more […]

Remember Me? Frazzled Mom of Two?

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Hiiiiiii friends! I finally found time for a quick check-in so I could update you all on how we’re doing as a family of four (five with McKenna!). Umm, life is tough!  The first two weeks after The Wee Two was born were a total blur of doctor visits, nursing, attempting to sleep (The Scottish and I took turns on the couch at first), and moments of “What have we gotten ourselves into?”  The third and fourth weeks got even worse at least for me.  After The Scottish went back to work and Read more […]

Introducing… The Wee Two!

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IMG_20160308_105344 IMG_20160308_105344

The Wee Two arrived Thursday March 3rd at 10:48 AM. He was 9 lbs even and 21 inches long at birth!  He was born at 39 weeks and 4 days.  Labor was shorter this time at 12 hours from start to finish with only 10 minutes of pushing!  That part was awesome.  There is more to the story of course so I will be writing a birth story when I have time but for now I just wanted to stop in and show you our newest little guy. The Wee One was a bit skeptical at the hospital but since we’ve brought Read more […]