Red Baby Love

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Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everybody!!  From our family to yours.  🙂 Whether you are single or partnered, parent to a human or fur-baby, a friend, child, or sibling, this Hallmark holiday is all about RELATIONSHIPS and LOVE.  Everyone needs, wants, and gives love; what a lovely thing to celebrate! This year The Scottish and I waited until the last-minute to get each other anything so we decided to go to Target together!  First up, picking out each other’s Valentine’s cards, exchanging Read more […]

The Cuz Man: Newborn Photo Shoot

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download seven download seven

I’m still trying to decide how what I want to say about The Sister’s birth story and how it felt to watch something like that.  I need some time away from it all but I promise to get back to that at some point because it was definitely an AMAZING experience.  For now, I thought I’d share some adorable photos of my nephew taken at the hospital on his first day of life.  I’m super impressed with how good The Sister and The BIL look too, I swear The Scottish and I did NOT look this good after The Read more […]

This Blogger is Absolute Mayhem!

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absolutemayhemcoversebook absolutemayhemcoversebook

I want to share a quick story about a blogger friend of mine. This blogger friend is named Kelly and she writes at  When I first started my blog, Drama Happens, I wasn’t sure what I was doing and how I wanted my voice to sound.  Since no one close to me (in real life) is a blogger I had no one to ask for advice and I felt like a lonely fish wading around in a sea of AMAZING writers.  How could I ever keep up?  How could I make myself stand out from the rest?  Without Read more […]

DramaLite: Motherhood

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Mommy smiling at Wee One Mommy smiling at Wee One

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a DramaLite,and in case you’re new to these parts, this a series dedicated to laughing at the silly and embarrassing moments in my life. The Wee One is not only adorable but he also has a well-developed humorous side.  Case in point, he giggles at me when I cry.  I WISH I was kidding. It’s happened twice although I’ve yet to get it recorded for proof. The first time was after I cut one of his nails so short that it gushed (ok maybe not gushed) blood. Read more […]

That New Mama Bond

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DSC03142 DSC03142

One of the best decisions I made before having my son was to join a new mama class.  I joined for selfish reasons mostly, I wanted to have a set place to go when I left the house, I wanted to know there was a teacher I could ask questions of, and I wanted to meet some new mama friends.  I was successful in all three areas and I got even more out of it than I could have imagined. Taking care of myself is just as important as taking care of The Wee One and I knew this class would be a safe place Read more […]

This One Year

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It’s July.  Sometimes I can’t believe it’s already July and sometimes I can’t believe it’s only July.  We have done so much in such a calculated manner (moving will do that to you) that it feels like one year flew and crawled by at the same time. Since so much has happened since July 2013 I knew I wanted to record it for posterity’s sake. The Mother has heard that you should only do one major life change or event per year.  Sounds ideal but umm, I think we failed that a million times over. Read more […]

Pregnant and Camping: You Would Cry Too if it Happen To You

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HELLO FRIENDS, GUESS WHAT? I SURVIVED CAMPING, IT WASN’T SO BAD, AND LIFE IS GOOD, NO WAIT, LIFE IS GREAT! OK, I’m done yelling and my apologies because my title is misleading as I didn’t cry much on the trip, but it made me laugh so it stays! I am downright jovial about the fact that I’m done traveling (and moving) and that we’re at the point where we can just wait for baby boy to make his arrival.  I am lucky because camping went so well and was overall uneventful, which is definitely Read more […]

Baby Bump Photo Shoot in Chicago!

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So I was going to have a house update for today but then my professional photos arrived from the amazing Jennifer Jackson and I just couldn’t wait to share them with you guys! We had a lovely time in Chicago the first weekend of May, which you can read about here, and part of that trip included our maternity photo session with the talents of Jennography.  Why book our shoot in Chicago when we now live in the Twin Cities?  Good question. The answer is three-fold. 1) We wanted to work with Read more […]

Guest Post: Birth Story

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They set up the labor room like a stage. All the lights are out, except for one shining spotlight that is pointed right at your hoo-ha. The only people in the room are a couple of nurses, the doc and of course hubby on your right. It wasn’t what I pictured. I know on TV it always shows the husbands holding the wife’s hand but that was my first realization at how fake that is because your hands are COVERED with wires, an annoying IV needle, blood pressure pads, etc. There’s no way he can Read more […]

Showered in Chicago

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DSC01286 DSC01286

We had such a wonderful trip to Chicago this past weekend and I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you guys.  The Scottish and I usually attempt to fit as much as possible into our two day and this time was no different.  Besides our baby shower and our maternity photo shoot, we spent time with my nanny family, many of our good friends, and lastly our beloved city.  I don’t want to write about it to death but instead I want to share some special moments through photographs.  Like this Read more […]