DramaLite: “Babysitter of the Year”

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It’s been forever since I’ve shared a DramaLite on the blog so I wanted to remedy that.  Unfortunately this story airs on side of being drama HEAVY and still causes me to shudder and tremble with fear and anxiety.  Have I got your attention?  Good.  Settle in, its story time folks. When I was interviewing to become a nanny I was offered two positions, the one I ended up taking and before that another one for a young couple with a three-month old girl who lived in a condo in Lincoln Park. Read more […]

A Pregnant Engagiversary

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Photo by Crystal Liepa Photography Photo by Crystal Liepa Photography

Hi Everybody!  First off I need to say, Welcome Weddingbee Readers!  Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to take a look around, put your feet up, and read through a post or two.  For those of you regular readers that have no idea what I’m talking about, today I posted on Weddingbee for my one year anniversary and extended an invite for those readers to visit Drama Happens, my new blogging home! Speaking of DH, what does everyone think of the new site?  This was all coded by The Scottish and Read more […]

Cry Baby Cry

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sad selfie sad selfie

Good morning! Most obvious confession ever coming right now… being pregnant has turned me into the world’s biggest sap and ten times more of a crier than I was before.  No one even knew that was possible!! Right now it seems like every TV show and movie is an excuse to think about my future baby and all ups and downs our relationship will bring.  Stroking McKenna’s fur or cuddling with her makes my heart melt which leads me to touch my stomach and tear up with joy thinking about the arrival Read more […]

A Drama Queen’s Guide to Home Buying

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House hunting is not fun in negative temperatures.  It’s not fun in snow storms.  It’s not pleasant looking at vacant homes when no one has shoveled the driveway in weeks.  It’s difficult at night in the winter because not only are you frozen but you can’t see the outside of the property due to the pitch black darkness. House hunting is not fun when you’re with child and own a dog.  Gone are the selfish days, now it’s all, where will this precious fetus live if we buy this house?  Where will Read more […]

Baby Girl or Baby Boy, Either Way It’s a Joy

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We are creeping closer and closer to my 20 week anatomy scan and appointment where we’ll finally find out the sex of our little one.  To say I’m happy is a total understatement.  I’m so excited to officially picture my child in a more definite way, to daydream more clearly, to connect on a more specific level.  And oh yea, buy baby clothes.  🙂 Years and years ago, there wasn’t the technology there is today so no one knew the sex of their baby until it was birth-day time.  Now some people Read more […]

This News is Dramatic But in a Good Way

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The day we found out! The day we found out!

There is something I’ve hidden from you guys for the last few months… but I know you’ll forgive me once I spill the beans. In fact, it’s better explained in this video spoof ((Tell me someone else used to watch A Baby Story on TLC back in the day.) the Sister and I made for this exact occasion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-rSa_gUoOg&feature=youtu.be YES, WE’RE EXPECTING!!  (And yes, we’re dorks.  And double yes, I owe The Scottish BIG TIME for agreeing to star in this movie with Read more […]


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My babies Jan. 2013 My babies Jan. 2013

This week’s Remember The Time theme is about Last Days.  It’s one of those phrases that seems to encourage deeply emotional and beautiful stories.  There have been a lot of great submissions this week so click on Emily’s blog to find the link-up and start reading. I may or may not have cried in the writing of this post.   It started off like any other day, I got on the 70 Division bus heading east to downtown Chicago.  I got off at that last stop and I walked my ten minute path Read more […]

The Royal Lessons

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official released christening photo of Prince George taken by Jason Bell official released christening photo of Prince George taken by Jason Bell

I’m a firm believer in having strong role models in your life for some good ol’ fashioned learning by example.  In her MOH toast at our wedding, The Sister shared that she and The Brother-in-law are happy to have such a good example in The Scottish and I of a healthy marriage, or rather, someone three months ahead of them to make all the mistakes first.  🙂 Naturally, The Scottish and I need our older, wiser, relationship to glean tips from.  Recently, I decided to remedy that situation. First, Read more […]

A Closer Look: Married, No Kids

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Hi friends!  I’m back with another exciting interview that I can’t wait to share!  Today, we’re going to hear from Tiffany on why she’s not interested in having children.  I like Tiffany because she’s not afraid to say what she feels and doesn’t spend time comparing her life to anyone else.  We all can learn from that, right?  Please enjoy and as always, be respectful with your comments (not really an issue here, I have the best readers!!) How long have you been married? New Years Day will Read more […]

The Joy of Shopping with The Scottish

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IMG_1844 IMG_1844

Did you sense the sarcasm in that title?  I hope so, because what I really meant by “joy” was actually “misery.”  Shopping with my husband can only be compared to shopping with a small child or a toddler, in which case their behavior is excusable.  Let me tell you, it’s a lot less cute when a grown man does it. To be fair, in normal life circumstances, I’d say my temperament and demeanor resemble a child more than his do, BUT when it comes to clothing shopping for him, it’s an extremely unpleasant Read more […]