McKenna’s Adoption Story


The Scottish and I adopted the adorable McKenna on Friday August 16th, 2013.  It was a little after 12 pm when we started the 40 minute drive home from Lawrence Human Society but our meeting with the adoption counselor began at 11:30.  We had to discuss our living situation, training plans, and the health of our new dog before we were allowed to take her home. But how did we get to that point? We were first drawn to photos on Petfinder when she was known as Zasha.  I had made a short Read more [...]

Behind the Scenes of DH


I always enjoy watching behind the scene videos for TV shows and movies and well, I figured it would be fun to share what happens behind this blog. I know, you're practically at the edge of your seat.  I'll continue... Drama Happens was actually born in October of 2011 after many months of battling my fear and distaste for blogging.  I couldn't see the benefits of frequent and short story writing.  Blogging sounded LAME.  Once I got over myself and started writing instead of just talking Read more [...]

How Moving Strengthened My Marriage


Is there an award for most pathetic title?  If so, I should win. Moving just plain sucks, and it doesn't strengthen anything but your biceps and your time-management skills. The Scottish and I recently moved from Chicago (aka The City) to Overland Park for his job and to make life a little easier and a little cheaper.  It's smart for the time being but our ultimate goal is to be living in Minnesota near family.  Being that it’s a temporary move we didn't want to bring A) everything we own Read more [...]

A New Series: DramaLite


DramaLite is an ongoing series that gives us all a little break from the heavier topics of life with a moment of awkward reflection.  I will share a short tidbit about my past or present in the hopes that maybe you have a similar one.  Truthfully, I can't get enough of laughter, so let's take the seriousness out of life with DramaLite. --------------------------- High School: A few of my close high school friends and I used to style our own photo shoots while hanging out together at sleepovers Read more [...]

The Dog Club: Nothing Less Than Obsession Will be Accepted


The Scottish and I recently got a dog.  And man is she cute!  I hereby promise to post frequent and adorable doggie pictures as often as I can, look here's one now! But first, how did this happen?? Three weeks after arriving in Kansas, we were officially dog owners.  Before that The Scottish and I had been living in The City and it just wasn't a plausible idea with our schedules, lifestyle, and housing situation, but it had always been in the back of our minds.  The Scottish and I both Read more [...]

My Love Story


Growing up, I never really liked spending lots of time alone.  I couldn't go to sleep-away church camp without my younger sister, and I was one of those girls who always pined away over her crushes, wanting a boyfriend years before I got one. As a young adult, I was in what I'd consider both healthy and unhealthy relationships with men.  I was your typical case, fear of being alone, always seeking other people's approval, blah blah blah. The funny part was I didn't have much to blame it on. Read more [...]

Welcome to Drama Happens!


This is an exciting moment.  After blogging exclusively about weddings for the last year and a half I'm officially back to droning on and on about anything and everything! My name is Stephanie.  I don't go by the nickname Steph but if you're The Glue or The Father or any other male in my family you can probably get away with calling me that (Does that sound sexist?  Great start Steph).  I have been a dramatic girl since my birth in 1983.  And yes, I just publicly shared my age and if you Read more [...]



Drama Happens is alive again but this time with a whole new look and objective! Drama Happens will be a relationship focused blog where I will share all the ups and downs and funny stories that happen to myself and the people in my life.  I'll also explore outside relationships, especially ones that are a little ...