A Bump and a Blue Cupcake


I have a new pregnancy symptom and it's a weird one!!  I cannot handle anything remotely spicy or my tongue feels like it's on fire.  Seriously, it's like this awful burning and it becomes so distracting I can't even finish my meal many times.  Sure, pregnancy can affect your taste buds and you may have cravings or aversions to things but this tongue on fire thing is totally new for me. Granted, I've never been a fan of spicy foods, I grew up on my mother's cooking and she didn't season a Read more [...]

This Happy Bathroom


You know what I did this morning?  I showered upstairs, in the bathroom across the hall. I showered there the day before that and the day before that.  And let me tell you, it has been SO NICE. All the stress of planning for it, having construction workers, dirt, and dust in the house, disrupting The Wee One's sleep schedule, and the financing we had to do to pay for it were completely worth it!  The value of our home has gone up as well as our happiness levels.  Win win! Let's get to Read more [...]

Our Nerdy Halloween


The Wee One sported two different looks this year for two reasons, 1) it's fun and 2) he needed a costume to wear to his party with his fellow toddler friends because his other one didn't make sense without The Cuz Man. First up, introducing Dr. Wee One. I was able to snap a few photos of him before he headed into post-op to meet with a patient.  He's a very busy man you know. The Wee One loved wearing his stethoscope, which we all thought he would get annoyed with but no, he he wore Read more [...]

A Bump and a Birthday


Guys, I'm running out of awkward plays on words using "bump" for blog post titles.  Remember Bumpyland or Bumptastic?  So last year, right?  Haha.  For this pregnancy each bump post will be A Bump and a something starting with the letter B.  (The first one was A Bump and a Boy, the boy because I started taking bump photos with The Wee One each week.) Sooo I feel like I should share a pregnancy symptom update like I used to do.  The thing is it all feels normal, and similar, and I'm not sure Read more [...]



Oh, does that sound a bit dramatic??  WELL THAT'S HOW I FEEL.  The black monstrosity also known as the biggest whirlpool tub ever also known as our home's eyesore is gone folks.  It took three adult men most of one morning to remove it but they were successful. I wanted to blog a bit more this week but it has been crazy town over here.  As you can see we're finally having our bathroom redone and I'm doing really well... complaining about it.  The guys who are working on it have been awesome Read more [...]

First and Last Vacation as a Family of Three


For most people up here in da freezin' north, a vacation means going somewhere warm, like Florida or Hawaii and sitting on the beach.  For the classic, die-hard Minnesotans it means going to the cabin and fishing, hunting, or just plain relaxing.  For those with extra funds, a vacation is usually somewhere far away like Japan, Italy, or Dubai to experience new cultures. For me, a vacation means leaving my house overnight and eating out as much as possible.  The criteria being simple, and Read more [...]

Repeat, Not Again, and Try New for Baby #2


So I've heard two major themes about having a second child.  One is that your life is complete chaos at the beginning and two, that it's actually not that bad.  Or rather, its not as tough as going from zero children to one.  It makes sense because zero to one kid is a bigger life change than one to two kids but I guess I will have to wait and find out. When your second (or third, or fourth) child enters the world, you are a more confident parent, and you have figured out what works for you Read more [...]

The Wee Two is a…


BOY!!!  Yep, we're having another sweet baby boy and we're so very happy.  It's the first time we'll have brothers in many generations on my side and brothers aren't very common on The Scottish's side either. I have to admit I thought I was having a girl (silly pregnancy dreams and obviously wrong instincts) and I was looking forward to buying girly clothes and experiencing something new, but really, every child is so different, it's ALWAYS new.  When I look at The Wee One, I know Read more [...]

It’s Not What You See, It’s How You Look At It: Part Two


Remember when I shared how The Cuz Man was rocking his cranial cap in the most amazing photos ever?  Well The Sister and The BIL did not stop posing him in adorable scenarios, in fact, they came up with even more creative ideas.  I wanted to share the rest of the pictures in the series because they are too precious not to share! The Cuz Man was in his helmet for a grand total of 3 months and his head looks amazing now.  The unevenness and the flat spot are essentially gone and lucky him, Read more [...]

The Scottish


This post has been ruminating in my head for weeks now, maybe even months.  Sometimes it's easier to whine write about the crappy times in your life because readers like to see all whole spectrum, not just the best parts you show on Facebook.  It makes a blogger more relate-able. On the other hand, as an outspoken mommy blogger, everyone who reads DH knows that gushing about my child is inevitable.  I know I'm biased but I'm pretty sure it's completely warranted because he's AMAZING.  But Read more [...]